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Going nowhere

Yesterday, I called an old friend. I have not called her for quite some time, say, a couple of months or so. It’s odd. I don’t usually call people. She said she’ll be coming here some time this month. Nice.

Earlier to day I went somewhere north with some of my friends. I never really planned to go. Such a loser if I just slept the whole day. So we went to this place called Aroma Mountain Resort. It was nice, with cool pools and nice cottages. Actually the pool was not so cold, so I was able to stay for about an hour just swimming around. When I go to places, it’s not actually about the place you are going, but who you are going with 🙂

I feel exhausted. I haven’t got any sleep. And it’s a Sunday, so I have to go to church. And I think I’d be going there alone today.

Speaking of which, some people are really reluctant to saying what they really think or feel. I wonder why. Then they do things to you they don’t usually do, like treat you like hell. And then I begin to wonder more. Why not just say it outright so we can get to the bottom of it? It’s a real shame when you keep on guessing what exactly you did to deserve such a treatment. And then you ask. And then again, they say nothing’s wrong.

My phone really needs a new battery. The original one seems to be bulging now, a sign that it needs to be replaced. Too bad, ‘cuz I ain’t got the interest anymore to replace it.

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