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Customizing Ubuntu 20.04 login screen

Setting screen resolution

Answer from this page.

You should have a monitor.xml in your ~/.config folder.

After you have made changes to your resolution on your own desktop login, copy this file to /var/lib/gdm3/.config/ and then do:

# dpkg-reconfigure gdm3

I am not sure if doing the reconfigure actually helped as there was no prompt. Maybe if you have several session managers installed.

Reboot, and you should be good to go.

Setting a new background image

Utility obtained from this page.

Just download and run like so:

# wget
# chmod +x ubuntu-20.04-change-gdm-background
#./ubuntu-20.04-change-gdm-background /path/to/background/image/jpg

You will be prompted if you want to restart gdm. Either way you choose, you should be good to go.


This is one of the reasons why Linux could never gain widespread adoption on the desktop. Too many complicated instructions for something as simple as changing the login screen background and resolution. They want to make things as simple as possible by not providing UI options to change things, yet they fail miserably in detecting the ideal resolution for my monitor, which result in ugly overstretched UI elements. And the background was a solid color. Which average Joe wants that?

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