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Just the little things in life which keeps me up and running, and enjoying every single day…

The picture above was taken one sunny January day from our home when everybody was around. The huge f2 lens produced the beautiful bokeh of greens in the backdrop.

So anyway, I am Arvin, and I made this page because I love to write. Frustrated journalist, most likely. People say I’m techy, maybe that is the reason why I have a section here for my mobile, which, by the way means that you can leech all the games that I play because I upload them here. Interests in life, you might say the most uninteresting things: aquarium, tech gadgets (but I don’t buy them, at least not all), computers, travel(which took a huge hit with the ’19 virus), and food (making them, and of course eating), which I am wondering why I don’t ever earn some pounds when I always eat! I also like photography, but now just settling on the phone camera after I got rid of my DSLR, but doesn’t mean my takes will be any less interesting!

So there ya go. Hope that interests you to explore further my blog. Enjoy!

Meanwhile, here’s some of me in photos from a few years ago to just recently…


    • arvinoids

      Lol nakahapit pa jud ug comment!

      So about your question, I thought “ponder” would be too mainstream. You know, stuff here are shower thoughts – things I come up with when I zone out hahaha 😉

      Anyway thanks for dropping by 😉

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