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Life Pro Tip – Put a dictionary extension in your browser!

Sometimes you are reading an article online, and then you bump into a word that you have heard for the first time, and you have not a clue what it means. What do you do? Most of the time, you double-click the word, then right-click and hit “Search in google”. Or did you even know you could do that?

Don’t you wish you can just conjure the definition of a word with just a single step? Well, you actually can. Instead of double-click>right-click>search, you can just double-click and there’s your definition. All you need is a browser add-on.

If you use Chrome, which i’m almost certainly sure you do, head on to the Chrome Web Store and add Google Dictionary. Now when you double-click a word on any page, the definition comes up as a balloon, complete with pronunciation!

In light of the covid-19 outbreak, the plugin can help in instantly bringing up definitions of difficult medical terms.

Now if you are using Firefox, Google has not made an extension for you, but there is another party who made one that works exactly the same as Google’s dictionary. Go to the addons section of the Mozilla site and look for Dictionary Anywhere. Now doubleclick away on those jargons!

Sometimes you just need to make sure you understood the statement right, so just double-click ahead and get your confirmation instantly.

If you are using IE or Edge, well, you should rethink your choice of browsers. I’m kidding. As of writing, the Edge Chromium version does not yet support extensions. Perhaps in the future they will.

I hope this helps make your life a little bit easier online. And I hope I will still be able to understand you when we have a conversation and you use the words you learned. Happy browsing!

This article has been updated on March 9, 2020 to keep up with the times.

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