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Something non-techy

I’ve been writing all-techy stuff in here, I think it’s time to do some less techy, more cheesy (corny) articles again.

Ok, so for this… updates!

The other day I was assessed for TOICship at work. I did not pass. Well, no brainer, because in the first place being a TOIC was not my idea of a career path, but I guess I have no choice? Ok, so I will have another month as SME, and I will be assessed again. Looks like I have to find another job pretty soon. Or maybe, since I was given the option to go back to to taking in calls, there’s TSR2 and up! I don’t know. Seems this job is getting more boring by the minute. If not for the high pay, I would’ve looked for another one.

Just last weekend, we went to to beach with my Ilian friends. Lots of things happened. But I didn’t know. Because I just slept the whole night. I was exhausted then! If I hadn’t slept, I wouldn’t have enjoyed the morning sea. Besides, it’s not that I was the only one who slept! AND, I wonder if i’d be able to relate to whatever they had talked about if I had joined them on the overnight. I can only remember the Sinulog night-out (where – if I may need to say – I also slept). So, who were there? Pretty much everybody: lie, with max, tetet, joma, julie, with ronald, tere, mark, and some friend of his who’s name I forgot (sorry mark!), dodong efren, and of course me.

Ok, so enough for the night. Comes day, we had to move to another place (still a beach) because the cut-off for overnights is only ’til 8AM. Well, to be fair, 8AM is not exactly anywhere near night. But that really sucks. So we went to this place where the cottages were not really very nice, but usable, and the sea was great (I haven’t gone to a beach for some time then). And they had this huge tire that you can rent for a life saver (you know, salba bida bah!). Really cool. 

I did enjoy spending my weekend with them, even if I had to take a leave for that. I am looking forward to more good times in with them in the future. Too bad jenny and the other guys didn’t make it. But there’s always a next time.

Finally, I don’t know how but my blog is now accessible on our workplace.

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