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God is always good…

I’ve always had an on-off relationship with God. Sometimes life gets so fast that I even forget to go to church in the weekend. Then sometimes, life gets so down that all I can do is go to church. It does happen (to me). But the thing is, God never fails me. I just pray and I ask what to do, and then listen. And then I go. I hear words, but I think they’re just in my mind. Because I know at those times, God is in my mind. Then I just leave everything, go on with life, live it the way I have always had. And God never fails me. I am amazed, because if I were to be a god, nobody ever makes a sin and gets away with it!

One of these days, I will have my tough times. And I will go back to God. Again. And the cycle will go on. I once read a poem about human beings, and that God made us so that we will never be satisfied. Because if we will be, how will we remember Him?

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