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On Getting Even

It is almost certain that all of us had a time when we get so mad at someone that we want to just get back at that person. It happens to me more than I can remember. And sometimes I do get even. Especially if that person happens to be my sister. Hehe. But sometimes, even if how much we want to get even, we can’t. No matter how much we’ve been hurt by the thing the person did to us, we can’t. Like when that person is someone close to us. Because we have hopes. That someday, maybe, just someday, the person will realize his (or her) mistakes, and maybe feel sorry about it. Sometimes that does not happen, and oftentimes, we get hurt with the same mistake, again. And still we forgive with that hope. I guess we will never learn. Or we do, but in a different direction. We say, maybe that’s just how that person is, and we have to accept that. Such a loser.

I have always appreciate the lines of a Baz Luhrmann song that says “don’t be reckless with other people’s hearts; don’t keep up with people who are reckless with yours.” I guess that doesn’t apply here, huh?

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