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Up with music… again

It’s been awhile since I made a real post (you know, something that makes actual sense to everybody, not just geek stuff). I got myself a niftly MP3 player. No, not the apple-ish ones that play videos. I just don’t see myself watching video on such a small screen. If i am on the go, I listen to music. That is exactly why I got this thing. I will be going home some time next month, and I want to relax again on the ride home. I lost my earphones for my phone, and it costs pretty much the same as an MP3 player, so I just got the player.

So on the technical side, I got the Samsung YP-U3. Not much of a player – but exactly what I was looking for. Small, sleek, great sound quality, supports ogg playback… in layman’s term… cool! I got the 1Gig version, but I swear I’d cramp in 500 of my favorite songs in there for just about the same quality (the beauty of ogg). So enough geek stuff.

So the thing is I woke up as early as 6 today, and one song came to me from out of nowhere. Remember the song from the Coca-Cola commercial way back God knows when, sang by Nikki Gil while she walks down the street giving bottles of Coke to people? It’s entitled “Sana” (Some say it’s “Kasama Ka”, probably because it’s the slogan at the end of the video, but I don’t care. lol) So I looked it up in YouTube and found out that it was actually a Filipino rendition of a famous Nina Simone song. Then I found two more versions of the same commercial, basically with the same thought and with the same concept. One was American, the other was Spanish. But I couldn’t help but say to myself that Nikki sings SO MUCH BETTER than the rest! It just makes me feel prouder that I am a Filipino. And the commercial stuck into my mind. The part where she hands a street vendor a bottle of Coke, and then the girl gave her flowers, just made me cry (well, I could have, literally, if I wasn’t with anybody else).  It’s just so amazing how simple life can be, yet how happy you can make it by doing simple things for others. And then it goes back to the title of this website… lol

So I went on and grabbed the song from I don’t remember when. Then on some comment on the YouTube video, I found out that the title of the original song was “I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free” originally written by Nina Simone. Somehow it rings a bell. Then I realize that the song was also sang by Lighthouse Family on one of their albums. How could I have missed that?! They basically have the same melody with Nikki’s “Sana”. I can’t believed I didn’t notice it! Oh well. But I just can’t!

Still getting over it now…

And some side notes… It really sucks when people say something but they don’t mean it. And further down, I pity the people who don’t do what they think is right for them, even if they had the choice. Well, I guess that’s how things work some times so I guess the best thing to do is… just… deal with it.

Still… Life could have been much better. But I guess I’m not even halfway at it yet!

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