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Looking at the trend in social networking, it seems microblogging is the mainstream activity for most. Take twitter or facebook for example. Think of how you can just say what you want with just one line, and then everybody knows about it.

Not that it’s destructive or something. In fact I think it is the best choice for those people who are extremely busy and can just leave a line or two on their facebook in a day. And then everybody else gets to check it out and comment. It’s really cool. But what I miss is the essence of blogging to begin with. Before microblogging, I used to read on people’s thoughts about things going on around them, and then sometimes, if I have the time, add comments on the site. That’s gone now. When you comment on someone’s facebook status, it’s just like chatting with the person although everyone in his friends list will be able to see it. Not the same feel at all. But hey, it’s what we have, might as well enjoy it!

This is my latest entry after some time of dormancy. Kinda got busy with life. I hope this one doesn’t turn into a microblog. lol

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