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Grime and hard water can be so damn hard to remove!

On one of my restdays (some people call it day-off. I’d call it either, I don’t see any difference), I stayed in the bathroom for longer than I usually do. Before you wander your mind elsewhere, I was cleaning my soapdish. You know, when you place it on the floor for a month, I couldn’t tell it apart from the floor. When you do stuff that doesn’t require you to use your entire brain, you kind of think of other things. And those things that you just normally pass by will suddenly come to your senses. Kind of like doing the laundry. It’s not really the soaping or the washing part that I like (well, I don’t like doing it, so heck!). It’s ’cause right after doing it, you kind of realize some things that you wouldn’t have thought of otherwise.

But trust me on the grime. If you have anywhere else to put your soapdish, never place it on the floor. You don’t want to stay an hour in the bathroom. Or do you?

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