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An irate customer

Globe has to give us the 1Mbps. They have such a sucky service. Anyway, so one morning I realized that having an internet connection should not only mean being able to connect, but also being able to connect at the subscribed speed! Why, have you heard of a 1Mbps line that can’t even play a stutter-free youtube video? Well, let’s see what the “tech” people at globe will do about this, if they do anything at all! So here’s my last letter to them…

Hello again,

We have our internet connection working again now. Thank you for the response. I found some problems, however, because from the time we had that first downtime, we never had the usual 1Mbps speed that we should be having with our subscription. I hate to tell you this but the service is getting really annoying lately.If we did not have any contract with you, we would have already changed providers. 1Mbps but couldn’t even get a buffer-free play from youtube? This is ridiculous. Given the fact that youtube has one of the fastest servers for video streaming, I don’t know if the connection is really slow, or you guys have a bandwidth limit for youtube and other video streaming sites. Either way, I am requesting that you fix this issue as soon as possible, because we pay our bills, and we certainly deserve to be served well and as promised. You have such good promotions, but if this is what it’s like to use your service, then you guys ought to be ashamed of yourselves.

I have been calling your hotline for your “downtimes”, and I hope I would not be calling soon for another one. I believe If you need specifics on this issue, email me so we can start talking.

Thank you and have a good day.

Globelines DSL Account Info:

blah blah blah blah

Does not sound so mad, does it? Well, I was dead serious when writing that.

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