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Cool Music Sites!

Since browsing the net is one of my pasttimes, and music is my passion (or is it?) I ran into some cool music sights you might be interested in. Do check them out!

  1. Deezer – This one is pretty awesome. You have everything that’s on your mind. Well, mainstream that is. They even have several versions of one song. And you don’t even need a media player to play stuff, because everything is played in the flash player embedded on the site. You cannot download the tracks, though (by default, that is, but there’s always a way! lol)
  2. – Very good recommendations from this site. This is like the new way of listening to music. You give the artist, they play a song from that, then the next songs will come from their similar artists/recommendations engine. And boy do they recommend. I typed in some old artist (I forgot) like from the 90’s and the playlist was awesome, made me nostalgic. You should try it here.
  3. Jango – this one is also like They play more off-stream songs,  but the artists are of course popular. Not bad for an internet radio.
  4. – very similar to Deezer. In my own experience, most songs from Deezer are also on this site. It seems they have the same database backend.
  5. Shoutcast – for the old-school, I highly recommend shoutcast. I don’t think any music lover would not know this site. It is where the online radio stations are flooding. Ever heard of Hitzradio? or .977? They’re all found ere. You need Winamp or ITunes to play them though (xmms/audacious for Linux).

So I guess that’s it for now. I have more sites in mind, but the list above contains my favorites, so enjoy browsing! Oh, and by the way, for the leechers, if you like the song you are playing on deezer or, you can actually download them (Hint: freezer)!

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