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Life gets more boring

This afternoon, me and my roommate went to some mall down south. We suddenly realize how we never go out anymore since we became roommates. Before, we use to go some place almost every weekend or rest day. Now, I think we only go out of the room when taking lunch. That is if everybody is there. And one roommate of mine does not even go out for lunch – just let us buy him one. Oh, and speaking of lunch, I had myself a really good one today. It’s been like ten years that I haven’t been able to eat that kind of stuff. It’s just really plain Yang Chow fried rice, sweet and sour pork, and some buko fruit salad of some sort (Yup, Dimsum Diner). And don’t forget the Royal soda (it’s like drinking Tropicana Orange Juice and Sprite at the same time. lol)

So where exactly is this going? I think one of the things that makes us stay at home is this internet. My computer’s only turned off about four hours in a day. I even told myself to get a life. lol

Tomorrow, I will go to church (I hope), and I will tell God about this. I usually have this kind of conversation with the big boss. I can be so yappy sometimes. And I listen, too. lol

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