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Tech SME log: this is not geeky!

I’m almost through with this SME thingy. I had a totally different role last quarter. And it was a lot better than this. I wonder what happened to the management. Things were going smoothly then. And what a shame for them not to be able to defend the role of the SME on the floor, saying that it should be removed altogether. They have got to be kidding. IMHO, without the SMEs, this department woulnd’t have ramped up this big.

Well, if you don’t know what I’m talking about, that’s ok. It’s a work thing, so never mind. It’s going to be my two days off after this shift, so I better make the most out of it. Too bad it’s not a weekend, so I doubt if I would be going somewhere with friends. That, too is ok because I don’t have the bucks to do that, anyway. lol!

For the techy stuff: I broke my Linux installation. Not that it’s totally screwed, but I have enough reasons to reinstall the thing altogether. My compizfusion desktop does not work anymore, and adding the fact that some gtk themes don’t work, I think I’d better trash the thing now and start with a fresh install.

A friend of mine is going on PLA. That’s short for prolonged leave of absence, and I hate it.

Summer is up, and it’s hell hot everyday in my room. I’m only on the third and topmost level of the house, and when you look out the window, all you see are roofs of other houses surrounding the building. Imagine all the heat reflecting from them.

I went to church yesterday. I was amazed on the way the priest delivers his message. He sounded like he was joking, but everything was there. I would love to go to another mass with that priest.

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