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On staying at home

It’s just one of those days when you thought you couldn’t do more. Although none of these were actually on my list, I was able to see an old friend, eat at Shakeys’, finish the entire season of a tv series and then fix someone’s laptop. And the day is still not over. I hope this connection can last until 5am (again) so I can stay up all night and be virtually awake all day. lol…

Does it ever happen to you that you really want to go online, but then when you are already with your computer, you don’t know what to do? It happens to me. A lot, if not always. Then I think what song would be nice to download. Then I leech them out at gnutella. Or esnips. lol.

Today is the day I thought that Shakeys’ never tasted so good!

And I thought I was gonna stay at home all day 😛


  1. as in jud?

    grabe, one of these days I’m gonna dare you to not look, touch or feel your pc or anything related to computers, just to see if you would survive.

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