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Growing Old?

Somebody told me that I am growing old. I think she’s right. I don’t know, but recently, life has been pretty tough for me. Not that I am struggling to survive, but I think things around me are turning out to be less and less interesting every moment. I always go out at night for work, and the last two nights, the moon-and-cloud scenario above is magnificent. But I just rushed. Because I was almost late. Gone are the days when all I do is appreciate the small things around me. No longer am I able to stop and smell the flowers, If you know what I mean. I wasn’t sure about the metaphor, so I googled it out and I found a wiki page that contains suggestions on how to do so. I was upset at everything it said. Number one suggestion is to take time to spend with family – how do I do that? I am an ocean away from mine. The second suggestion says about you should remember dates and celebrate birthdays together. I plead guilty on this one. I didn’t even have the chance to greet my sisters on their birthdays, or even my mom’s. Most of the suggestions there were actually most applicable for couples. The last thing it said was “Stop and smell the roses, because before you know, the roses have withered and wilted and have gone forever”.

There is a difference between growing old and getting old. Getting old is more of the age thing, and growing old being able to see things in an adult’s perspective.

I think “old” and “boring” goes together. Because you can’t be old and not be boring. I’m not talking about age here. I think “oldness” is a state of mind. You decide when to be.

I’ve always enjoyed the company of children. Their innocence is unbelievable. I could listen to their stories the whole day. And I get never bored. I envy them. Because they never care about the world. They are never aware of the reality. That life sucks. I have lost my optimism. I have no idea why. I have always looked at the greener side of the grass, but for some reason that I still could not decipher, I have lost that spirit. That is the reason why I never get high grades back at school, because I never really cared, and I never had
regrets. Because I enjoyed those times. I flunked two subjects back then. But the thing is, I was fine. Because I don’t go to jail because of that, anyway. Besides, there are plenty others who failed too, so what’s so special about that?

I still don’t know what to do with my life right now, I guess that’s what makes it a little less boring. I think it will extend until I will totally lose it. I don’t know if it’s good, but I think it’s worth finding out. Hahaha

Life is short, and I intend to enjoy the rest of mine…

Just when I was able to wrap things up, one of my friends logged on to msn with a status saying “Age is strictly a case of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.” I totally agree…

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  1. murag_damang

    ahai… ning react ko… KNAHANGLAN jud.! nka relate ko..? o! a hundred and one percent.. weeks ago… somebody told me……’tgulang ndaw ko’ ..sayunan ka ana.? the phrase really bogged me that even up to now.. dili ma wala wala skong huna2! dayun.. nag browse2 basa dayun nko ni nga article.. dyun…. if not, atleast i found quiet pieces of answers…

    “Age is strictly a case of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.”

    JUD!! hehe

  2. arvinoids

    ahehehe. i’d kill to find out who made that line. hey thanks for dropping by my bloggy. by the way, i heard that your cuz is coming here some time next month. maybe you should go with her. I could refer you if you want. hehehe

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