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Sundays of our lives

Earlier right after work, I played another round of NFS Carbon, and MAN THIS GAME ROCKS! It had me hooked up for about two hours (even with the burning heat of summer noon!). Then I suddenly realized – it’s a Sunday. That means I have to go to church. Not that I am forced by culture or religion to do so. I have this urge thing that I should go there every Sunday. Not that I’d go to hell if I don’t, but I really find wisdom in the priest’s homily (but not everytime. Some priests beat around the bush and would not even relate the gospel to what’s actually happening). This Sunday’s homily is on my top 10, if not the on the top spot. The message is actually pretty simple, but this priest has such a powerful way of delivering it that it stays with me even when I’m out of the church. I believe humor is what makes anything interesting. He looks funny. He says everything in a  funny way, but he is very serious about the message, and you will know. The message was simple (redundant) –  that God said “Stop doubting and believe” on John 20:26. I think I will do that…

I am really confused now about this job. The thing is, I was told to take in calls (which I am doing right now), and I still have to do scrubbing. And these agents are all over me with the questions. And I don’t even know what my metrics are!

But that’s fine. Life is always beautiful! 🙂

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