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On the little things again…

Just came from an outing at some swimming pool up north. I feel like I am floating right now. And I mean literally. Good thing there’s no sunburn that came with it. I think I should do something like a review on resorts here in Cebu. I’ve been to quite a number of them already.I learned that when you are with your friends, it would not matter what you are doing, and you will still enjoy their company.

I think today it’s time I finally say that I don’t always get everything I wanted. There are those times when you thought you did everything you can, yet you still failed. I guess that’s how life is. I guess it’s time to let go and move on to the next. There’s no time for disappointment. Well, maybe for a little while, but then, if it’s not for you, then it’s not for you – get over it.

I never regret the wrong decisions because they remind me not to make the same mistake again.

Right now, I’m totally broke. But I think I’ll be fine. 🙂

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  1. murag_damang

    IF THINGS AREN”T REALLY FOR YOU, GET OVER IT……. ahai… lisud keu buwaton!!! ga patyon ko daan skong insecurities…… gusto kaau nimo.. pero d ma imo!! tsk tsk tsk….. mypag d nlang mag huna huna….. bah..? hahai…..

    anyway, i really wanted to go there… but sadly, tatay won’t let me.. and also nanay… kabalo nka ana nila.. dah… cge nlang pud… mo tiwas nlang sa daw ko… mga 58 units nlang akng kulang…….. hahai…..

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