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Bad day!

Lots of updates here. Matrix thing could not push through. Means i’m stuck with Vonage. Well, i’ts not really that bad, provided they keep their promise to have me TSR1 upon regularization. I signed that damn contract for a reason, you know! So anyway, the other day I had my phone dropped on the street. Good thing there’s no car or anything coming. It had a little scratch on the front, nothing serious really.

I’m currently at work right now, waiting for my next call. I hope it doesn’t come. joke. Well, I’m really bored, I think the internet is getting less and less interestingÂÂ every minute.

I’m just waiting for lunch (at 5am. we call all mid-shift breaks here lunch) and hopefully eat some stuff that could at least fill me up for the moment. The fastfood foods are killing me.

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