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I thought this blog's never gonna be back up

The past few days has been a mess for this webhost. Database has been going down, sometimes even the entire domain goes down. Well, I am definitely expecting the downtimes since this is a free service, anyway. But still, apart from the downtimes, 5gigs has been one good host.

So anyway, back on track. Today is day 2 of my restdays, and yesterday went pretty fine. Spent half the day at the mall with two of my friends, and I’m dying to have my pay this day. Good thing it finally came at about 8pm, when one of my friend already left. Too bad for him. I’m supposed to post videos here, only that I don’t know where to host them. I don’t like YouTube. Too everywhere. hehehe…

I’m dining out with the team later at Casa Verde, only that I don’t know where that is so have to be early to have time to find it. 😀

That’s it for now, hope to fix this site soon.

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