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Thoughts on the plane

When your thoughts are all clear and all you do is wait for the plane to touch down…

View from the plane window

In my earphone, Meghan Trainor sings “I can make it look easy” while pilot does a maneuver. Nice timing!

Damn wanna drive around Bohol on all those roads. Perhaps one weekend…

Maybe I should go to Siquijor some time and explore the whole island… (Wanna/Can I come with?) I should probably bring company.

What exactly are those wormy things you see drifting in your eyes when you’re staring into white space?

A plane ride is exciting until you reach cruising altitude on an overcast day. And then it’s like watching paint dry.

Why do I have a lot of thoughts when I’m not proactively thinking? Perhaps it’s the Dunkin’ coffee? And by the way, drinking fountains are no longer a thing in MCIA Terminal 1 because of course Nature Spring has vendos everywhere. But then they’re out of service so you’ll end up on a queue at Dunkin’s.

Anyway. The perks of travel. Also, what was that huge mangled plane doing off the runway?