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Some snaps of some places

Sometimes you want to just take your camera (or phone) out and shoot!


Every place has its own unique charm. Be it stunning blue waters against equally striking blue skies, or maybe lush green vegetation blanketing rolling hills and mountains, the world does not run out of beautiful things for us to enjoy. As one who loves to take photos of sceneries, it is hard to resist just taking my phone out and taking a handful of snaps when I get the chance.

This year, there was not much travel for me (and probably for everybody) and you know why. So those few chances, I took snaps to add to my Google Photos timeline (which by the way is no longer unlimited 😢). In this quick post, I am sharing some of them to everybody to add to our collective inspiration that things will get better, and when they do, travel when you can!


When you’re stuck in the island, there are still lots of places you can visit. While the place is most famous for beautiful white beaches, the Cebu highlands also offer great views of its sprawling hills and mountains.


In contrast to Cebu where I am currently stuck in the pandemic for work, Bukidnon is a land-locked province that obviously do not have the beautiful beaches that our country is known for. But what it lacks in beaches, it more than makes up for with magnificent mountains covered with lush vegetation, some of the most diverse forests in the country, and of course those clear cold springs and cascading waterfalls. I haven’t been able to explore half of them, so stick around for more. Meanwhile, here are some snaps I took while I was back home at the start of the year.

I hope you still enjoyed the photos despite the potato quality and the Lightroomy postprocess. In the future, I hope to get a better camera. Stay tuned!

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