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My favorite bluetooth mini-speakers are on sale!

I got mine for P1500, and now it’s just P1299.00! I don’t know until when, but if I had known, I’d buy it now! I got no regrets though, the time I had with mine more than pay for the price difference.

The Oontz Angle 3 is a nifty piece of gadget you can carry around and enjoy your music with whenever and wherever. It has superb audio quality, lasts a good ten hours, and will even play by the pool or shower!

I know there are better-sounding speakers out there, if you really have the money to burn – the Bose Soundlink products are to beat at this category, and so is their price! The Bose Soundlink Color, for example costs a whopping P8500.00! And that’s their cheapest one they got.

Aesthetics-wise, they don’t look too bad either! The stylish Toblerone-shape make it a nice fit on any desk. With all its features for the money, it’s no wonder it became a best-seller in Amazon USA.

Angle 3
They come in red, blue and black!

So in summary, here are the Pros and Cons that I think are worth mentioning:


  • Small and light, so you can carry it around in your fanny pack!
  • Waterproof, can sustain splashes. Not submersible, though. Who listens underwater anyway?
  • Impressive sound quality. For the size, it has very good frequency response, although a little lacking in the bass department, but that is expected with a speaker this size. A little bit of fiddling with your equalize can make it sound so much better. I highly recommend using Viper4Android and turn Viper Bass on!
  • Lasts a long time between charges. I use mine casually at work for around three days before it starts asking for more juice.
  • The price. If you’ve tried those cheap knock-offs going around, then you know what I’m talking about.


  • Does not sound as good as the more expensive brands. Seriously, if you have the money, then go for Bose. You can’t go wrong with the quality, but you will have to shell out much more.
  • Sometimes may gradually move through an inclined smooth surface. This is due to the bass shaking the thing.
  • The waterproofing cover of the ports can come loose at times. Try to make sure it fits snugly to avoid getting water in.
  • No dedicated Next button, but you can double press hold on the + button to do this. A little annoying, but yeah it’s doable.

I have upgraded to the Oontz Angle 3 Plus, which has even longer battery life, but heavier. It’s as good, but unfortunately only available in the US Amazon, so you will have to import it.

When it comes to affordable but good audio quality, Oontz is a product line worth checking out. I’ve been using their bluetooth in-ear earphones and their portable speakers for a while now, and I can say it’s money well-spent.

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