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Shelly is going on sale!

Affectionately named by my friends after some fictional scientist crossed with the car’s make (sheldon -chevy, get it?), this little car has served me no less than four good years.

In the four years it has run a good 40k or so kilometers, and right now still runs like a breeze.  Funny that it has actually gone to more places than I have been.

And now with the entry of smaller, more efficient cars, and the threat of increased prices in the coming year, I have decided it’s time to move on and get one for myself!

I think I’ll miss the 106hp pull of a 1.6L engine. Oh and the audio steering wheel controls. Nothing like laying back flicking the channels without looking at the console.

Anyway, I hope Shelly lands in good hands and will run a hundred thousand kms more!

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