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The horse capital… Lexington

So I’ll start with the place I stayed for the most of my travel days. This is where the headquarters of our company are located and the horse capital of the US. And coincidentally, I got there in time for the Kentucky Derby, which by the way I did not bother to see!

Winter was just about over when I got to the place, so bonus – snow! I had around two weeks to enjoy the snow before they all thaw. And yes that’s a good thing. If it’s your first time to experience winter, then it’s nothing like the cold weather in December back home. Not even close.

Snow starts to thaw as winter ends


A week’s past and grass started growing all over the place. What was once white plains are now lush green fields of newly-sprouted grass. This phenomenon is amazing. Winter is beautiful, but spring is even more so. The beautiful flowers and the fresh green sprouts bring promise of rich days to come.

The grassy fields in spring

A typical early spring evening, you would see the sun still up at 7 PM. Even at 8, it would still be bright. This is a big plus in these places because you can do so much after work! And the sunsets are just beautiful almost every day. 

Right behind the hotel where I stayed was a small field. I had the chance to watch how the snow melted, and the leaves starting to grow back, which reminds me how beautiful the cycle of life is.
This is 8PM and the sun is barely set.



I was pleasantly surprised to see this food chain in Lexington. I would never have thought red mango was actually an international establishment. But I never really ate there. Yogurt is not my cup of tea, so to speak.I didn't realize this is found here!


Lexington teems with ranches and stables. After all, it’s the horse capital of the world. I got a chance to visit one of them one weekend. They got really nice white fences, and huge horses. And I love how wildlife is everywhere. There are ducks swimming in the stream, groundhogs roaming the fields, and the all-elusive squirrel in the trees.

One of the horse ranches in Lexington


And finally, just to prove that I was there – selfie! I may be putting one in each of these posts, so be warned 🙂

Yes I was there!


Truth is, I love Lexington. Everything you need is in the place, and if you want to go somewhere metro, you can always drive to Cincinnati or Chicago, or New York. Life here is a little laid back than the big cities, and to me that is good.

Apart from the beautiful sights everywhere you look, the people are warm and just plain nice. First evening I was there, I went to the gate house of my hotel and this nice woman I came across in the patio just greeted me with a warm “good evening” and a smiling face. And no, she was not working for the place. I greeted back and was amused, but it turns out it’s like this everywhere there. It is almost like there is so less people around that they greet everyone they come across. After the three months, it actually grew into me, and when I left the place, I couldn’t help but wish that it was this back home. Oh well.

Welp, that’s it for my first post. More to come when I have the time. Your thoughts are appreciated, so leave one if you will 🙂

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