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New fishes in the tank, and I stumbled upon a YouTube channel

Note: Not a typical weekend.

Yesterday, I took another trip downtown to check what’s going on in the tropical fish flea market. I found lots of new fishes, albeit non-community species, so I could not get them for my tank (hint: they eat other fishes). I ended up getting a couple of Angelfishes. I never get tired of the grace of these wonderful creatures. So here they are:
20151012_002313_edited  20151011_235603_edited


Don’t ask about their names because I do not name my fishes. Don’t ask why.

So I was binge-watching my subscribed channels and redditing the whole afternoon, and this nice Youtube post showed up the front page about how you can pause a Youtube video with the “K” key, and you can double-tap G to show a game (this never worked for me). It’s not so much the facts that this guy is saying, but the way he delivers it. And the accent! So the video I meant was this.

Needless to say, I subscribed. And then binge-watched. And found this:

And then it made me LOL too much, so I stopped. I had to go to bed. Oh well, goodnight world!


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