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The best online game I ever played

When you get bored over checking messages and approving requests on friendster, you get to think what else you could do with the internet. Lately, I found my system an overkill for DotA. I could just have gotten a Sempron and a MoBo with onboard graphics and I could play that game for forever. I looked into some free MMORPG and found some interesting ones. My interest was thrown in the mud when someone in the house downloaded one of them. It was Dekaron, and he had it run on my PC. I failed to see what makes them enjoy it so much. I mean if you try to explore MMORPGs, you will usually end up with a common pattern. There’s leveling up, collecting items, killing monsters (or other players, if you may), and exploring realms. Then you become powerful. Then what?

I tried looking someplace else, and then I checked back on Savage 2. I knew there was Savage 1, and I was actually interested in it, especially that it has a Linux client, but the fact that you need to pay for it — threw me off. But then I checked back on their site just lately, and found out it is now free. So I download the Linux installer and got it working on my OpenSUSE. And after the tutorial and practice session, I dove into the battlefield with the other players online. And I must say. It is the best online game I have ever seen! The graphics is great, gameplay is astoundingly good, and the action is just excellent! I’ve never played WoW, but a friend of mine who saw me playing said Savage 2 is similar to WoW. I still haven’t grasped the whole melee thing, but I’m willing to burn time for it. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll roll over to Linux because I’m on windows right now to try the win32 client, and it was horrible. Once again windows has failed (No, it’s not the game.)

Here’s a sample of the action you get in the game:

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