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Our Snake!

The last time I went home, I never thought this snake would get that big already. It was just about a year, and it’s grown from about 1 inch in diameter to about three now! I wasn’t able to get the lenght because it’s really heavy. My father said he gives the snake about 30 chicken heads every month, ideally during full moons. He said one time he (presuming he’s a male) got out of his cage, and they thought he already escaped, but after two weeks, they found him on the ground near his cage. This snake is really good. We had another one before this, and that was the worst one, got bitten about five times I guess. This one has never bitten anyone, and he’s always been gentle ever since we got him. I can’t imagine how big he is when he is already an adult.


  1. daphne

    wow. the snake’s still alive? and it got bigger? scary na gali tong gmay pa cya, how muchm ore na nag gain pa nag weight!!!

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