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On the theory of attraction…

I think the feeling of attraction to a person develops either way. Case 1 is when you meet somebody, and you kind of like that person, because you think he/she has the qualities that you like. so you spend more time with him/her. Then down the road you learn things that changes your impression on him, and so turns you down. Because of that, eventually, the attraction degrades until it finally disappears.

Case 2 runs the opposite way. You meet someone, but you give no attention to his/her (grrr! enough of the he/she thing. Ok, starting from here, please note that the he/she would be referred to as he for formality’s sake, but it applies to both) presence because he’s probably not the type of person you’d like to be with. But then, as time goes and with circumstances giving you chance to cross roads with each other, you learn more things that pretty much makes you feel good, and so you want to be with him. thus you become interested.

Well, moving on with this, the pattern of attraction has to be maximum at some point. but i believe the chance of case 2 shaping like a Gaussian bell ( from elementary statistics, if you know what I mean) is small, because if you learned to like a person – especially that you did not like him in the first place – means that there is a lesser chance of you losing interest in him, well because, i don’t know ( based on observation. I’ll have to figure that out first…) Wow! I like playing psychologist. I didn’t realize actually has some juice to squeeze out. So typical of me.

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