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Back to square one?

These past few days it seems everything has been different with me. I think I’m back to the days when I go home right after work, then watch TV or play games on my computer, or if I don’t have work the next day, go to the mall and wait for sunset so I don’t feel the summer heat. I’m not sure, but that’s exactly what’s happening now. I think I’m gonna give it about a week, so how things work out…

I just realized that it’s totally easier to write when you’re in your extreme state of mind. You know, like when you’re very happy, or very sad, or extremely angry. Right now, I’m not sure where I belong in those three. Maybe I’m extremely bored. hehehe 😀

This shoutbox thing in my blog is beginning to become a real chat room. I like it that way. They don’t comment on every article, but I get the feeling that they somehow read them. hehe

Summer is here. It’s hell hot in this room now. That’s why I sleep at the quiet lounge after work some times. But then it’s hell cold in there! lol

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