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I'm back and hoping to stay…

I missed basically a whole week or more of posting here. I have actually a lot to say for the past few days. I had such a week. The calls weren’t really as bad as I expected them to be. I even had compliments from two of my callers, saying I really know what I was doing. Well, they should have seen the sweat on my forehead with the AC like 16 degrees, then they’ll know that I know what I’m doing. hahaha. Anyway, that’s pretty much part of the job, flattery, as I always do to my customers. hehehe. So far everything’s going pretty well. I got like 2 markdowns on my evaluation. Fillers? uhmmm, yeah, I know what he (my trainor) means. hehehe. It’s just that I sometimes run out of thoughts. I think I ought to have a dose of english tv and
reading materials.

Today is supposed to be my first day on ops, well, real ops and not nesting. Apparently, no supervisor was even on the floor when I arrived. I called TL and was disappointed (or was I?) to know that Vonage (our client, that is) week starts on Sunday and today (Saturday. By the time I submit this blog it would be a sunday) is supposed to be my day off. Good thing I had four of my workmates here too, so we just played fuzball downstairs and ate pizza afterwards (da vinci, cuz it’s all we have here) and then played fuzball again. Kinda made me tired, so here I am now infront of the computer. I am actually looking for a nice phone online so I can decide which one to buy soon. I checked on my account and found out that I have 20k on it! It’s probably my relocation allowance plus my leftover from my last payday. I’ve got my eye on the 6233 and k800, but I’m having second thoughts on both ’cause from the reviews that I have read, they have some drawbacks. Well, after all, no phone’s perfect, especially with the marketing strategy of Nokia and SE.

Wrapping things up, I guess I’ll just be sleeping here today ’cause it would be too late in the evening to go home. I live in Carbon by the way, and if you’re not from Cebu, you would think it sounds so black. You’re never wrong. I don’t know if it’s me or the buildings and streets there are really black. Anyway, maybe I’ll just be staying there for about two months or so, ’cause we’re in the process of finding another place.

So guess that’d be enough for now. I’ll be snoozing now…

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