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I miss my blog!

I’ve missed like almost a week of blogging. Busy, maybe? Not quite. Just didn’t have the time to even write a single line for the past few days. Well, to sum things up, week was actually quite rough. With all the bloopers in my calls like “Can I call you terence?”, “No, because I’m angela.” Ain’t that a shame. But at least my grammar hasn’t been that bad, so far. 🙂

I think the buddy thing with the calls did good for me, but being alone on a call never felt better. Well, the thing about the buddy-up is that I have learned a lot of call handling techniques, ’cause my buddy was an old hire. I guess she’s actually doing good with the tech things now, too.

I have made the blog of our “team”, and I hope they will have the time to post there, ’cause only good girls make diaries. You know what I mean. Seems like I’m the only good boy in the team. hahaha 😀

Today marks the start of our final week in nesting. We are now required to pitch an upsell to our customers. Hell. I don’t even think I can sell candies, let alone phone lines. hahaha. Well, talking about sale, I was actually into that business back in my elementary days. I sell junk foods (botchoy, corn bits and the likes), some fruits from our backyard (balimbing), and a handful of other stuff. But now, I don’t think I even have the vigor to do the pitch. But since it is required I suppose I can now. hahaha.

Well, I hope today’s gonna be a good day (night, technically ’cause my shift starts at 2am and ends at 11). Hope so.

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