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Free Internet offers just got interesting… now Globe has joined the fun!

It seems that the Philippine Telco competition is getting hotter and hotter by the day. Just recently, Smart announced free internet access for all its prepaid subscribers (with a 30MB cap per day). And now, they have new¬†updates to this exciting offer! I’m not a Smart subscriber, but I am curious to know how this works out for them. Here are the new updates:

  • Postpaid subscribers, including Broadband, are now included in the promo
  • Facebook and Wikipedia are now unlimited and will not count against your daily 30MB allocation.
  • Daily registration is still required


Smart is not the only network getting busy with this free data access fiesta. Globe announced that they are preparing to reinstate the free Facebook promo, which will be rolled out gradually to subscribers from October 3 to October 5. Trying to differentiate themselves from Smart, these are their highlights:

  • no daily registration is needed (register only once)
  • no daily MB cap
  • no maintaining balance required


All these offers sure are interesting changes in the Philippine mobile scenario. As smartphones are at their peak, telcos are trying their best to grab the bigger share of the pie. We can only expect the competition to get better and better. The good thing about this is… the subscribers are the sure winners!


Source: BusinessWorld

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