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My take on Guardians of the Galaxy [SPOILER ALERT!]

I just got home from watching the movie on IMAX, and here’s what I think about it: NICE!

Not to oversell the movie, but this one definitely has a lot going on. This should become a franchise! So why do I think it’s good…

  • Cool music! I always admire the way they give new life to oldies music. Though I was never there in their time, oldies have always fascinated my interest for music.
  • Nice development of characters – I always feared that the fast pace of the movie might leave me hanging on each character’s development, but surprisingly, it was done very well!
  • Marvel universe references here and there – Marvel fans may find it a little disconnected from the traditional Marvel universe that we so enjoy watching in the Agents or Avengers franchise, but there have been surprises here and there, and it is interesting how they would come together in future installments of whichever movie or series. Nerdgasm is inevitable!
  • Hilarious dialog. You should just watch it! I am not good at telling jokes.
  • The IMAX presentation was very well done! I never had to dodge or cover my eyes when things “fly right to my face”, but this movie made me!

Overall, I would go with the rotten tomatoes score of 92%. So worth the money and the two hours!

Oh, and there’s that after credit. About a duck or something.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Arvin Magaway on Facebook

    Ahahaha! Basin nag panic sa CCNA dar? Tan aw lang pud sine ui, wa bya ko ni absent pag ting exam namo!

    Also dar, in my defense, sa IMAX ko nitan aw oi, kabalu ko di jud ka mutan aw ug imax kay magsuka nya ka! Hehehe… Si Tetet ug Joman ra man ang ni dare ug IMAX, so go jud ko!

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