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Starting to go mobile!

It seems the time has been quite a rush lately… I was out for like what, almost half a year? And I seem to have nothing new to show for. That’s some story. Oh well, not that anybody cares.

I still have some justification to do as to why this blog even exists. For one, I don’t even make money out of it. And for another, I am yet to meet someone who has actually read it.

There’s one thing I can tell you though. This blog is not for me to tell my story to the world. Rather, it’s my own personal whiteboard. It’s where I post ideas and thoughts that in the future I will go back to and say to myself “did I really do that?” The fact that the world can see them… what makes it a whiteboard… is an added bonus.

So what’s new? Well, I will be using my phone to do most of my blogging from now on. Take that, facebook! So good luck to me!

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