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Gaming on my Linux

These are the games I most often play
These are the games I most often play

For most people, Linux is a geeky machine that is only used for servers and for research. They don’t think of it as a gaming platform because most games almost always come as Windows and Mac only version. The truth is, there are actually lots of games available for Linux. I’m not talking Linux-wine-games but those games that run natively on the platform.

As you can see above, those are some of the games I would say are absolutely great. If you start from the left, the first one would be Warzone 2100. It is a very good game, much like CNC Red Alert, with a 3D engine. Next is Glest – a game like Warcraft. I haven’t explored the game much as all I do are quick battles, but the graphics are good. Next up, AssaultCube. A Counter Strike-like game that uses the Cube 3D engine and boasts of a multitude of players online. The next one is Sauerbraten (I don’t know why they chose that name. I believe it’s a type of food), aka Cube 2. It has amazing graphics, if you check on their site. The online gameplay is great, too. Now the next one, Tremulous, is also one slick online FPS. You get to play either alien or human to defend your race. It’s really addicting if you could try once. Next up is Alien Arena. This one looks pretty much like Quake, and with all the cool weapons similar to Quake. Graphics are also great, as with the other games that uses the Quake engine. Lots of eyecandy. Then there’s the real Quake. This is just the demo version as I don’t buy games (lol). It’s great and fun, too, but since it’s demo, I don’t get to play online. Next up, Tile Racer. This one is all about car racing, with a twist. And when I say twist, I mean literally. The streets shape like roller coaster tracks where you go 360, and it’s like, whoa! Just try it and see for yourself. Then next on the lineup is Nexuiz, another FPS that uses the Quake engine. Graphics are always good with these games. I just had it running, so I haven’t done so much tinkering with it so far. And finally, my favorite game of all, Savage 2. Recently, S2 Games has released the game as free-to-play, so I get the chance to install it on my rig, and it was freaking great! Check out on my previous post to see why.

This is not a review, just an overview of how gaming is on Linux. You see, it’s not really that bad if you just try to dig on the net for some of the cool stuff. Just think about it. I had all those without even paying a cent.

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