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Simala the second time around

Just last Wednesday the gang road tripped to the sacred hills. It was my second time there. My first time on a 13th. And such a surprise for me to see so many people fit into such a small chapel.

Just to clear the words out: gang is made up of Lie, Max, Julie, manang Mary ann (Lie’s sis), Dodong, and me. By sacred hills, I mean Simala – where the miraculous Virgin Mary is known to heal sick people.

So much has changed since the last time I went there. That was about a year ago, I believe. Foliage has become more abundant and the church (or chapel) interior has become interestingly beautiful, but yet to be finished.

Going to Simala has always been worth the gas and everything. I don’t know if it’s just me, but try asking for help to the Virgin Mary there, and see for yourself how you get it. I don’t think it’s coincidence because for the second time, I got what I asked for. Quite interesting. I have always been thankful that God always listens to His people. Just a shame that not everyone tries to find a way to talk to Him.

So moving on, a two-day off is always just not enough. I should take like a whole week off, you know. Then fly home and just sleep sleep sleep. I was really surprised by fare price when I checked on an online booking facility. I suddenly wanted to go home. I should go home some time once I get some spare cash. That’s what I’m missing. Yeah, I think that is.

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