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The Guessing Game

A friend of mine told me about some girl that she likes. She also tells me how they’d lunch together and how they’d go out on some occassions. The details go on. Now she (my friend. She’s a lesbian, so don’t confuse the pronoun) is asking, because everytime she is with her, she gets all tensed up and out of sync that she does not recogize the go from the no. She is asking me – how do you know if that statement means a  “yes, I like you” or a “no, you stink”. I told her that she is barking at the wrong tree. How should I know?

This stage is usually one of the most difficult part when it comes to going into a relationship. You can’t be too sure. Especially if the other party is a bit of a whimsical person. It’s actually fun, but can be frustrating, especially when you get to a point where you think it’s a go but then when you do, you get all dumped. Shame on you. All generalizations are false, including this one. 😛

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