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Back in Business!

It’s been some time without updates in this blog of mine. Been kinda busy, I guess? Or more like been less urged to write lately. Anyway, the main reason why I am able to post again now is that I have internet connection in my room now! Yup, got ourselves a dry loop with the best deal from Globe. So far so good!

And by the way, I haven’t blogged that I have moved. I am now living with four of my friends in one single room. It’s not a very big room, and in fact I don’t think we can fit there if we all sleep at the same time. Good thing we don’t have the same shifts! They’re my workmates, too, by the way. I kind of saved a lot living with them. We cook our own food, we take the same cab (sometimes), we share internet connections, never had better.

I think I am going to have lots of posts here starting now. I am still trying to find other places to publish my pictures, since my flickr account has already expired, and I don’t have the bucks to pay them. Until then, I’ll be having my pictures in my pc.

The road ahead is looking good, I sure hope it stays that way. Cheers 🙂

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