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SME Day One

Hello! Today is Day 1 of me being an SME, subject matter expert, that is, for Vonage TS. So far, doing good. Good thing I am still able to do emails because I was thinking being an SME would mean I would be very busy on supporting the agents. 🙂 Anyway, jobwise, I’d rather extend a whole two hours supporting the agents than taking calls, as what I have been doing when I was an agent. Not that I didn’t like that job. It’s just a little relieving to know that I would not be worried anymore as to what to tell the customer why they lost their internet service when they switched with Vonage (which is in fact the sales rep’s fault).

Anyway, the good side of this thing is, aside from not taking in calls anymore, I get to bring my phone on the floor! Well, that also means music all the time! 😀 I think I will like this job.

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