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I don’t know why we were made to render OT, but the idea of having to OT on AVAIL is such a very good idea! I hope I don’t get a call for the whole time! Hehehe. 😀 So anyway. The other day, I went to this reggae bar with some friends and I couldn’t drink. Mainly because I have work later that night. Such a minus. So the thing is, previously, I had dinner with them in Ben’s apartment (Benben, honorary member of the vas2zen and former trainor), who recently had her certification for Dell Technician. So anyway, bottomline for the night is, I did not take a cab coming from the place, and I didn’t know that there is a jeepney route to the next corner, so I walked all the way to the next street, basically not very near, just to ride the jeep to work. It was then that I realized I would be very tired to do my work. So I slept when I got to work. I wake up on time for my shift, by the way.

I was able to transfer to this new place where you will be shocked to see its front. But facade can be deceiving. Well, almost. At least it has tiled floors and vinyl finish on the second and third floors. And by the way, the third floor, where I stay, is technically the fourth floor so that it’s like we are in a fortress…

Will be continued later…

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