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The Butanding Adventure

It’s always been fun going to new places and doing stuff you’ve never done before. This weekend, I tried one of the most exciting adventure I have ever had – swimming with the biggest fish in the sea (well, at least one of their kind, that is). For those who are not familiar, I am talking about the Whale Shark. For some time, these gentle giants have been basking the shallow seas of Oslob, Cebu and neighboring towns. I must say, I applaud the locals of these places in not devouring these fishes to their extinction.

It was a WHOA moment for me. When you know that something is harmless, you would feel safe with it. But not me. The sheer size alone creeps the hell out of me, especially when they swim right towards me when I get in the water!

So due to the lack of equipment, I was not able to take pictures of these beautiful creatures, but I recommend to those who have never tried, to just take the dive, and be with one nature!


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