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Payday with alot of pay?

I was kind of surprised when I checked my balance on my bank this morning. I thought there must be some mistake with my pay. Normally, I would receive a maximum of 10 grand every payday, but this time, I got about 15 grand! Had our salaries been adjusted to TSR1 already? Let’s try to see about that when I get my payslip…

Technically, it is already morning of sunday, but since I haven’t slept yet, let me think of now as the night of saturday. I had such bad luck with banks. It’s either me, or my card, but this morning when I was trying to get some money from the ATM, I was debited again for the amount without dispensing the cash! This is the third time it has happened. Now I have to set some time to go to that freaking bank on a weekday. Great.

And finally, someone has really pissed me off today. I will not be going anywhere near him soon. I don’t want to give him a piece of my mind because it’s not going to sound good. Not at all!

By the way, for those people who use TM, I’m on right now at 09264050877. Sms me! 😉

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