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Nesting Day 1!

I just took my first two calls. The second one was good. Don’t ask about the first. If it had lasted another minute, I would have exploded. The guy called me miss. Wahahaha! Well, i guess that means I sound like a lady over the phone. Hahaha 😀 Second one was just fine. I wasn’t able to solve it but I guess that’s a yes because she said she’ll just call back. I hope so (that it’s a yes). It’s my lunchbreak right now and I just ate the Longganisa meal of Jollibee (no choice). That’s what I hate with Sundays. I get to pay so much with a meal, and I don’t even like it.

I wonder why I don’t feel so sleepy right now. I basically did not have a night’s sleep. Not even a nap, which I planned to do before our shift but was not able to because of some business. My money is running out, and it’s four days (?) to payday. I will die! 🙁

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