Ladies and gents, my 22gal tank – Fangorn

You may have probably already seen this shot. I have been keeping this one since March of last year, and today I am adding it in my blog. This, along with the individual plants that I have in my tanks, so starting today, I will be able to put them up for sale, trade or free. Sometimes the tank can get crowded (like it is not already) so I need to hand the trimmings to others who may want to care for them and grow their own. 

For now just lo and behold… Fangorn.

My 22 gallon planted tank

I have a second tank which is rather left out, but I will also be putting up here when I have the chance. If you have a good name for a 6gal, let me know.

If you guys have comments, feel free to leave it. I will be updating the site as as frequently as I can.

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  1. Papalita nya ko hahahahhaha

  2. If, naa paka dre sa duol, mopalit jud ko.

  3. Naa paka Cebu sir Arvin Magaway? Maau unta mopalit if duol lang ka dre.

  4. Pwde fb page na lang? Hehehe

    • Hahaha. Di ko kibaw mu navigate sa fb to my old posts gud. I prefer to do it my way 😛 And about that wordpress logo, I have made the adjustments. My new posts should bow show the featured image.

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