Stocking up my new tank!

Ok so this is what happens when Steam suddenly decides to update my Dota with 1GB of patch. Obviously, waiting for the update to finish is akin to watching paint dry.

So I took out the long-pending fish tank project that got suspended in light of my travel. And in less than a day, I got it up like paper craft!

So here it is…


And needless to say, the filter was overkill – hopefully not for the fish.

I went to Magallanes to get the stocks. They’reΒ  dirt cheap there. I will probably go back next week to see if they got anything new.

And more pics…



Seriously though, who doesn’t love a tank of swimming beautiful fishes after a day’s work? … Or while waiting for your turn in the dentist (Yikes!)

6 thoughts on “Stocking up my new tank!

    1. Yes Jasmin! It’s been soo long nga di na gud ko kabalo mu setup sa filter hahahaha… Sugod ta ug gamay ug paninduton ug anam. We should never be too busy to do the things we love to do πŸ™‚

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