Chef On Demand again? I could get used to this!

Ok, so this is the second time I ordered Chef On Demand for dinner. You gotta admit it, they make hell good of a presentation of their food. And they taste good, too!

Tonight I ordered the Rogucha and Sambal Fried Rice, and here’s what I got:


Their serves are not too expensive at around PhP100 give or take 20. And with free delivery, I can’t complain.

I was reading their site and found out that they are sourcing their food from other food places like Chop Chop Food and Nonki. This is not bad business at all! Oh yeah, they also give you a couple of chocolates for the Halloween season. Nice work CoD!

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  1. Oh and thanks to Fox Varez for placing the order. Ma anad na ta ani, di ko kaafford hahaha

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